Ukrainian Handmade Underwear

About Us

Underwear made with hands. Always with you...

Looking for some ware off the beaten track? Great, here you are! M8 – original handmade men’s underwear that fits you best. Why? M8 occupied the niche where everyday items are treated like unique bespoke pieces. Experimenting with classic cut and regular shape we make it even more comfortable and practical to wear. When we say ‘’quality’’ we mean: palpable standard of manufacture, natural materials, attention-grabbing design and limited edition. Exactly this sequence of benefits creates M8. Or M8 creates it… wink emoticon Each M8 garment is created manually by people: try hand-stitched garment at least once and you will feel the difference between conveyor and bespoke forever. We pay particular attention to the quality of seams and so delved into technology that some of our suitors joke they could wear it inside out. Another M8’s boon is body-hugging silhouettes and cozy pattern – as if it was made specially for your sporty shape.

It proves to be really hard nowadays to spark the emotions with worn-next-to-the-skin items. Different bodies, individual tastes, huge variety of options… But handmade M8 will take care of you with our fingers’ warmth. And no matter how two-edged it sounds

A few words about our creator.

Bogdan Zinchenko, the Ukrainian-origin creative director of 3-years-old M8 brand, stuck to sewing since early childhood. Visiting his grandma at the garment factory was designer’s favorite adventure – smell mixture of fabrics and oils, the sound of reels madly spinning and knocking of the sewing machines all in all led to exuberant passion for the craft. Much later Bogdan came across some men’s underwear advertisement with exceptionally beautiful poster and then the idea was born. The first year he spent studying how to cut and create patterns, as there are way too many peculiarities where every single millimeter really counts. After theory comes practice and Zinchenko gathered the excellent team. They started with a couple domestic sewing machines and step by step grew it up to the professional manufacture of cool called M8.

‘’What does the logo mean? Just ‘’mate’’ – «М» + «eight». This word has a number of meanings and everybody chooses the right one for himself. For me personally M8 – is a prejudice-free pal. That is why we never call you ‘’a client’’ – you are our mate’’, - says director who surrounds himself only with like-minded ones. Even all the M8 embodiers are not professional models – just usual cross-by guys curated by him personally likewise the whole photography process including styling and creative production. ;)

our contacts:

04053, Stritenska str., build 4/13, flat 13, Kyiv, Ukraine., +380633151050, +380632722023.